Responsible Gaming
FreePlayVegas takes responsible gaming seriously and works to provide information for Players to address Gambling Addiction, Legality of Participation, Parental Control, and Player Privacy & Security.

Gambling Addiction
Gambling Addiction is a disease that affects not only the life of the gambler but also those of their family and friends. FPV advocates responsible gambling. If you feel you may be unable to control your compulsion to gamble and your life is being negatively affected by your gambling, we encourage you to seek professional help from one of the many organizations dedicated to helping gambling addicts. One organization we would suggest is

FreePlayVegas also offers a MAXIMUM MONTHLY USAGE option when you sign in. This feature enables you to set monthly limits when gaming on FreePlayVegas.

Legality of Participation
FreePlayVegas requires that Players on our site be of legal age to gamble. No Player under the age of 18 is allowed to play on our site and Players should always check the laws in their respective countries to make sure they are in compliance with gambling laws in their jurisdiction.

Parental Control
Filtering programs are available online for parents who wish to keep their children from accessing internet gaming sites. Examples of websites include Cybersitter and NetNanny.

Player Privacy & Security
FreePlayVegas upholds a high level of privacy and security for our Players. FPV requires that Players submit certain identification and documentation about themselves when they register on our site so that we may verify each player. We reserve the right to perform random security checks on all Players to assure a safe gaming environment for everyone on FreePlayVegas.